Recycling allows materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash to become new products. It can benefit your community and the environment. 

Items you can recycle:

• Glass bottles / jars

• Aluminum cans

• Steel cans

• Newspapers

• Cardboard

You can find nearby recycling bins in your area:


Hastings Area - Colman St. in Hastings

Northern Cambria (Site 1) - Giant Eagle parking lot in Northern Cambria

Northern Cambria (Site 2) - Next to Bilo along route 271 in Northern Cambria


Burnside Area - Old Railroad Station along US 219 in Burnside

Clearfield Area - Clearfield Borough Municipal Garage on Power Ave.         

Curwensville Area - Curwensville Borough Garage - 996 Susquehanna Ave.

Glen Richey Area - Glen Richey Fire Hall along SR 2030

Irvona Area - Lucas Supply along SR 53 just south of Irvona

Westover Area - Just off SR 36 along W. Bridge St.


Punxsutawney Area - Bell Township Building, 103 Runway Dr.

Punxsutawney Public Works Building, Clearfield St. 

For larger items, such as computers and other electronics, please refer to the following sites per county:

Clearfield County Recycling

Cambria County Recycling

Jefferson County Recycling

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