Our prepaid bag system is designed for our customers who don't always have trash on a weekly basis or need more than one bag a week for disposal. 

Bags are available at our office window, for a cost of $3.00 per bag, during regular business hours. 

PLEASE NOTE (as of May 2014):

Our postage rate has increased from $3.00 to $6.00 for bag orders processed through the office. 

  • When ordering bags, please pay promptly for any bags ordered. 
  • We will not send fewer than 10 bags through the mail. 

Send checks or money orders to: 

Hugill Sanitation, Attn: Prepaid Bags Dept., 779 Front St, Mahaffey, PA 15757

Phone Orders:

Orders may be placed via phone by calling us at 814-277-6050 ext. 102. Please have your credit card or debit card handy to make payment for your order.       

Locations to Purchase Bags:

•  SHEETZ - Patton, PA

•  FYE'S CORNER MARKET - Cherry Tree, PA

•  BETTY LOU'S GAS & GOODIES - Commodore, PA

•  TRUE VALUE HARDWARE - Curwensville, PA


•  MITZI'S PLACE - Dayton, PA          

Purchases from these locations may vary from the price sold through our office. 

**Bags placed at curbside should be of a manageable weight, containing no more than 30 lbs. of refuse. They must be able to be lifted by one person, or they may not be collected. **

Contact Hugill's

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Mail: Hugill Sanitation
779 Front St.
Mahaffey, PA 15757

Phone: 814-277-6050
or 877-363-6050

Fax: 814-277-5511

Office Location:
2811 Five Points Rd.
La Jose, PA 15753

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