You Call, We Haul!

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From left to right: Nancy Hugill (Mother), Deborah, William Sr., 
Edward, Arthur Hugill (Father), Wanda, and Thomas.

Hugill Sanitation is a family-owned trash collection company and was founded by Arthur Hugill, a man with a heart for serving his community. Starting in the late 1950s with one truck, as Arthur Hugill's family grew, so did his trash collection business. 

Today, with four generations of Hugills, they have expanded from one truck to the many trucks you see driving down your streets today. 

Located in the old Benjamin Coal Mining Building near Mahaffey, PA, Hugill Sanitation strives to satisfy its customers by offering personal, friendly trash collection service and providing its employees with a stable and rewarding work environment. 

Contact Hugill's

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Mail: Hugill Sanitation
779 Front St.
Mahaffey, PA 15757

Phone: 814-277-6050
or 877-363-6050

Fax: 814-277-5511

Office Location:
2811 Five Points Rd.
La Jose, PA 15753

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